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Re: [IP] Another Question


  You ask how long it took for the trainer to contact us and how long the 
sessions were.  When Josh, then age 8, went on the pump we had NO training!!  
We watched the video and read the manual.  There was an RN that came to the 
house for about 20 minutes and watched me do the first set on Josh.  She just 
stood there and watched.  Then she left in such a hurry that she left all her 
training manuals here at the house.  That was it!!!!!  Between a really good 
friend (Kerri, mom to many) and the Pumping Insulin book that has been the 
'training'.  That and trial and error....LOTS of that!!!!  But it can be 
done!!!  Josh has been successfully pumping now for over 2 years!!!!!

mom to Joshua
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