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[IP] Medtronic MiniMed and Site Problems.

I am having no luck with this company
> and my reaction to the
> Softset, Quickset is making this summer a tough
> diabetic summer with the
> prospect of Kayaking, Swimming, Stream Hiking
> becoming a real test of
> logistics.


Just wondering what kind of problems you're having
with the Softsets and Quickset. Depending on the
problem, the Paradigm might not resolve those issues.
Regarding the MM issues, lots of folks are having to
eat it in terms of timing issues and supply trade-in.
Look in the recent archives or wait five minutes for
complaints similar to yours. You are not alone! 


>Just wondering what kind of problems you're having
>with the Softsets and Quickset.

I react rather badly to the soft canula's.  Where I insert the soft piece
will became hard and "lumpy."  This is guaranteed to happen anytime I
exercise and likely to happen on normal day to day activities.  The result
of this lump around the insertion is NO absorption of insulin.  It is
crazy, I will have the site in for 1 day and if I exercise(run, bike, ski,
rollerblade, whitewater kayak) the site will became "bad."  The result is
bg's over 300!  When I use a "steel" infusion, I don't get the reaction to
the insertion site and rarely have the same situation.

>Depending on the problem, the Paradigm might not resolve those issues.
I talked to a sales rep and she told me the Paradigm has a proprietary
attachment that will not work with other "steel" sets.

You know the bottom line is I got this pump to help with complicated meals
and it was going to  be better with the dual and square wave bolus.  I am
used to hba1c's in the 5's, I recently had my first one taken since moving
over to MiniMed.  If the comments from the nurses and doctor who downloaded
my BG meter are any indication I am expecting to have a BIG number.  I am
very discouraged with the situation and am looking at other options to keep
my numbers in the non diabetic range.  Seems like a real shame I upgraded
to a pump that is turning out to be practically useless to me.  

Any ideas, would be appreciated.

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