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[IP] Bubbles forming in pre-filled cartridges

Hi, folks!  I haven't been reading this regular IP digest lately, having
switched to the sub-list of Parents of Pumpers, so if you have a
suggestion, I hope you won't mind sending it to my email address directly.

My 8 year old has used humalog quite happily for over two years in her
H-Tron Plus from Disetronic.  We're fortunate that she tolerates it so well
that we've never had site problems because of the insulin (although plenty
of failures from crimps in the Sils cannula).  But lately we're having our
first bubble problems in over a year!!!

We use the pre-filled glass cartridges of humalog.  I have loved them since
the beginning because there's no more struggle to fill those plastic
syringe-style cartridges and expel all those pesky bubbles.  BUT since
March, almost every cartridge has developed bead-sized bubbles sometime
during the week or longer that we normally use a cartridge.  I can't figure
out how they are getting in there!  Or why the problem has occurred this
spring after nearly a year without bubbles--and with three different lot
numbers from three different shipments of cartridges.  What could I be
doing differently with loading, attaching luer lock, and priming?  I've
tried every combination of techniques:  room temp cartridges vs fresh from
fridge, attaching luer to cartridge before inserting in pump or attaching
it after it's seated, really tightening the lock or barely tightening it,
etc.   We've even switched to our back-up pump and used the back-up's
piston.  They still appear.  Where can the air be coming from?

When I prime these bubbles out, some are over an inch long--which if not
caught and corrected can amount to a very long time without any insulin!
The rep from  the company that pre-fills them doesn't have a clue how they
could be developing, and the Disetronic reps don't know either.  Anyone
else had this problem?

Or any theories?

Thanks--I miss you guys!

Annie's pump-mama, Charlotte

"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful!"
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