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[IP] D-tron unintended bolus

The letter that Disetronic sent out June 17 referred to :

"a FEW (emphsis mine)  reports of unintended bolus delivery by D-TRON insulin pumps where the        (up) arrow key apparently did not spring back when pushed...(snip)...

We will contact you by July to arrange for inspection of your pump. In the meantime we encourage you to...
Check all four buttons on you pump to make sure they spring back when pushed and......
please do not silence the beeps on your D-TRON
..We have informed the FDA, physicians, and CDEs about this issue. We apologize for any inconvenience  that  results from this situations (snip to end."

I assumed others recieved this  letter. Surprised it wasn't quoted here before?

Bob A
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