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Re: [IP] animas vs minimed paradigm vs deltec vs ???

Here's some other websites I found helpful in deciding on a company:

I think George already recommended the Diabetes Mall "Compare Current
Insulin Pumps"

I also liked the Diabetes Mall "Pump Manufacturers, Model Reviews....."

And I did a search of the FDA on "insulin pump"

There had been much discussion about customer service at the different
companies, and how "eager" they were to earn business.  So I emailed
requests to all three the same evening for written information/video and for
a rep to contact me.  One company called me the next day and over-nighted
information to me, another took 8 days to call me, then send info, the third
company called 2 1/2 weeks later, and got VERY defensive and almost sounded
angry when I told him I'd decided on another company, and gave me some weak
(IMHO) reasons why theirs is better than the one I chose.  That experience
helped me decide, too!

Another helper was that my insurance, MediCare, would NOT cover a Paradigm
(??!!??)--wierd that they'd cover the others, including the 508, but not the

Good luck!  You'll feel so relieved once you've decided--at least I was!


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> what is the real list of pumps that i need to consider?  how do i get the
> pros and cons and costs of my choices.
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