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[IP] Sites slip off in water

I am anxiously awaiting my Tincture of Benzoin that I ordered last
Friday, after suggestions I read here on this list, but I have to ask WHY
I am having such problems with my sites.  I have been on a pump and using
Silhouettes for almost seven months and just last week my sites slip
right off in the shower and in the pool.  It has been even less hot than
a few weeks ago.  I use IV Preps and have even been putting a Polyskin
tape layer over the sites--to NO AVAIL!

In the shower this morning, I put a brand new Polyskin tape over my site
and managed to keep the site on in the shower by purposely keeping water
away from my abdomen (I have a hand-held shower head).  However, the tape
was still lifting on the edges and ready to slip off.  Later, I bought
some "fully waterproof" thick tape from Wal-mart and taped down the
Silhouette and the Polyskin tape with it.  I gingerly stepped into the
pool this afternoon and lay on top of a float. (And I warned my kids not
to splash my water-sensitive site).  Again, I got out of the pool with my
whole "site system" just about ready to all slide off.

WHY is this happening--and why NOW?  I live in southern California, not
exactly really humid and hot weather.  Will the Tincture of Benzoin save
the day?  I'm a bit worried--after all, my sites usually last four days,
and I've only had a site slip out when I tried my thigh and the muscle
eventually pushed it out.  I've never had one slip off in the shower
(and, after I broke my shoulder, I used to sit on a chair in a very hot
shower for a long time--no slipping sites whatsoever).

Thanks in advance for your help!  I love my pump, but I also need to

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