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Re: [IP] animas vs minimed paradigm

So, did you get the free palmpilot?  :) I really need one to keep track of
carbs and such. Think I could convince them to give me one too even though
I'm already a customer?

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Sent: Monday, July 01, 2002 1:11 PM
Subject: RE: [IP] animas vs minimed paradigm

> MAS wrote:
> <<
> I have yet to see a post that says "I did an extensive multi-month
> project to determine the best pump for me, or my child. This research
> included making calls to each of the 3 manufactures for information, a few
> days reading the MAUDE reports on the FDA web site, talking to pumpers and
> parents-of-pumpers, and we decided to go with the Paradigm" *IF* it
> it must be done privately, because they aren't posting it publicly.
> >>
> Actually, I did do all of the above and posted my progress along with any
> supplemental questions I had here to this very list. The difference was
> it didn't take me "multi-months" to make my decision.
> I visited all the pump websites many, many times. I even played with the
> virtual pumps until I felt quite comfortable with both the Animas and the
> Paradigm. I visited third party websites that reviewed all of the pumps
> features, listed comparison charts, and told about the advantages and
> disadvantages of each pump. I made sure to reader the MAUDE reports on the
> FDA site. And I asked a lot of questions to members of this group.
> Then I read PUMPING INSULIN to try to collect as much info as possible
> actual pumping and living with a pump. During that process I met with a
> in a local hospital for what was called pre-pump training. During that
> meeting I had the opportunity to hold and push buttons on both the
> Disetronic D-Tron and the Paradigm.
> After that, my CDE put me in touch with reps from both MiniMed and Animas
> (not Disetronic since at that point I had ruled it out). I met with both
> company reps at my house or work - both on several different occasions. I
> also called customer service at both companies with a couple of fake
> problems just to see how they would handle me as a possible customer.
> Finally, I used loaner pumps from both companies over the course of
> days to help me solidify my decision. I hooked myself up to both pumps and
> pumped saline into my body. I lived connected to each pump for a period of
> 48 hours to see which pump had the right fudge factor to nudge my decision
> in the right direction. I would never had made a decision on a pump
> this last step. You must live with a pump for a day before you can feel
> confident that you're making the right decision.
> During this "pumping" period, I asked several questions to the group here,
> to the pump reps, to their customer service departments, and to my CDE.
> During this process, both pump reps promised me a free Palm Pilot if I
> decided to go with their pump. That was great, but because both made the
> same promise, it didn't move me in one direction or the other.
> What did was the fact that during all this time, one pump began to emerge
> the right pump for me. Not necessarily for someone else, but for me. So
> after weeks of this research project, I finally called Animas and MiniMed,
> thanking them for their time and effort, and informed them both of my
> decision. Less than two days later, I had my new pump and all supplemental
> materials in my possession.
> On August 5th, I go live with the Paradigm.
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