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RE: [IP] animas vs minimed paradigm

MAS wrote:
I have yet to see a post that says "I did an extensive multi-month research
project to determine the best pump for me, or my child. This research
included making calls to each of the 3 manufactures for information, a few
days reading the MAUDE reports on the FDA web site, talking to pumpers and
parents-of-pumpers, and we decided to go with the Paradigm" *IF* it happens,
it must be done privately, because they aren't posting it publicly.


Actually, I did do all of the above and posted my progress along with any
supplemental questions I had here to this very list. The difference was that
it didn't take me "multi-months" to make my decision. 

I visited all the pump websites many, many times. I even played with the
virtual pumps until I felt quite comfortable with both the Animas and the
Paradigm. I visited third party websites that reviewed all of the pumps
features, listed comparison charts, and told about the advantages and
disadvantages of each pump. I made sure to reader the MAUDE reports on the
FDA site. And I asked a lot of questions to members of this group.

Then I read PUMPING INSULIN to try to collect as much info as possible about
actual pumping and living with a pump. During that process I met with a CDE
in a local hospital for what was called pre-pump training. During that
meeting I had the opportunity to hold and push buttons on both the
Disetronic D-Tron and the Paradigm. 

After that, my CDE put me in touch with reps from both MiniMed and Animas
(not Disetronic since at that point I had ruled it out). I met with both
company reps at my house or work - both on several different occasions. I
also called customer service at both companies with a couple of fake
problems just to see how they would handle me as a possible customer.

Finally, I used loaner pumps from both companies over the course of several
days to help me solidify my decision. I hooked myself up to both pumps and
pumped saline into my body. I lived connected to each pump for a period of
48 hours to see which pump had the right fudge factor to nudge my decision
in the right direction. I would never had made a decision on a pump without
this last step. You must live with a pump for a day before you can feel
confident that you're making the right decision.

During this "pumping" period, I asked several questions to the group here,
to the pump reps, to their customer service departments, and to my CDE.
During this process, both pump reps promised me a free Palm Pilot if I
decided to go with their pump. That was great, but because both made the
same promise, it didn't move me in one direction or the other.

What did was the fact that during all this time, one pump began to emerge as
the right pump for me. Not necessarily for someone else, but for me. So
after weeks of this research project, I finally called Animas and MiniMed,
thanking them for their time and effort, and informed them both of my
decision. Less than two days later, I had my new pump and all supplemental
materials in my possession. 

On August 5th, I go live with the Paradigm.
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