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[IP] Minimed vs Animas vs etc

I've been reading though all the posts pertaining to pump companies and which 
to choose and I have to say that I am getting a little annoyed at all the 
posts that seem to be "anti" Minimed.  I don't know why more Minimed users 
don't write to say why they chose them over the other companies or about more 
positive MM experiences.  I haven't written about it prior to now because I 
just wasn't interested in getting into the pump war.  Having said that, now I 
will say this.......I have been using my MM508 for about 16 months now and I 
have yet to encounter even one problem with the pump, with MM customer 
service, or with anyone connected with the company.  I have read all the 
posts from people who haven't been so lucky and I have no explanation for why 
my situation has been so different from theirs.  It just seems to be like 
everything else in life.....not everyone experiences things the same way as 
everyone else.
I just had an appointment with my endo this morning and we were discussing 
the different pumps.  I asked her if she had many patients on pumps other 
than those made by Minimed.  She said that she didn't so of course I asked 
why.  She gave me this puzzled look and just said "Well, there is no real 
reason other than the fact that nobody from Animas or Disetronic has ever 
come by to give me any info about their products!"  So there you have 
it............maybe those persistent reps from Minimed  are onto something 
after all :-)   Now guys, pleeeeease don't slam me for supporting MM.  I'm 
really not trying to start anything.  I just wanted to get my 2 cents in and 
voice my opinion about a company who has been nothing but good to me.

Sharon J
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