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From: Cygnus, Inc. and Sankyo Pharma, Inc. [mailto:email @ redacted]
Sent: Friday, June 28, 2002 11:46 PM
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Subject: Special Offer! GlucoWatch . Biographer


The GlucoWatch. Biographer -
  A new era in glucose monitoring!

The GlucoWatch. Biographer is the first and only glucose monitoring system
that provides readings frequently, automatically and noninvasively, day or
night. It is worn like a watch and has an alarm system that can warn you
when your glucose level is too low, too high, or falling rapidly.

Typical Monitoring
 Monitoring with the Biographer


Typical finger-stick monitoring, 2 to 4 times daily, is not enough to
adequately warn you of hypoglycemia, hyperglycemia, or allow you to
optimally manage your diabetes. The Biographer's frequent measurements
provide more complete information about changes in your glucose levels that
allow for better-informed decisions regarding diet, medication and physical
activities. Information that you have never had before!

The Biographer is intended to track and trend glucose levels in adults with
diabetes (aged 18 and older).  It is intended to supplement, not replace,
standard home glucose meters.  Interpretation of Biographer results should
be based on trends and patterns seen with several sequential readings over

The GlucoWatch Biographer is truly unique!

      The Biographer:

*	is noninvasive, collecting glucose through the skin, not from blood

*	automatically measures and displays glucose levels

*	alerts a patient when glucose levels are too high, too low, or
falling too rapidly

*	stores glucose values in memory that can be reviewed at the touch of
a button

      The Biographer is right for you, if you:

*	are unaware of low blood glucose until it becomes a problem

*	are concerned about your glucose levels becoming too low while you

*	find it difficult to monitor your blood glucose as often as your
diabetes care team recommends

*	often awake to find that your glucose levels have risen too high

*	frequently find your glucose levels are high after meals

*	have a high HbA1c despite doing frequent finger-sticks


What current users are saying about the GlucoWatch Biographer


    "I've always wanted better control of my glucose levels, but I was
afraid of hypoglycemia. Because of that, I've tended to let my glucose level
run higher than I should. The GlucoWatch Biographer taught me how, why and
when my glucose levels change throughout the day.
    "It's also been particularly helpful for me to see when my glucose
levels rise too high - that's information I wasn't able to get just with
finger-sticks right before meals. I've been able to share this information
with my doctor and we are already discussing changes that may help improve
control of my glucose levels."        -Michael, age 44


    "I have had diabetes since I was a child. As I grew up, my diabetes
worsened to the point where I had been hospitalized several times due to
episodes of hypoglycemia. I had gotten to the point where I was
uncomfortable leaving the house alone.
    "Much to my doctor's dismay, I became pregnant. My doctor suggested that
I use the Biographer during my pregnancy to help maintain tight control of
my glucose level. The 20 to 30 readings I got each time I wore it provided
important information. My doctor and I downloaded the information every
week, and she helped me set the alert to warn me before I got hypoglycemia.
I gave birth to a healthy baby girl. This story would have turned out
differently if I hadn't worn my Biographer. It gave my baby and me a life."
-Victoria, age 27



The GlucoWatch Biographer has already made a significant impact on the way
that many people live with and manage their diabetes. We want you to be able
to experience the same benefits as they have. Enclosed is a Question
<> and Answer
Brochure that was created for Health Care Professionals. It can help answer
your questions about the GlucoWatch Biographer so that you can take
advantage of our special offer.

Special Introductory Offer!

If you are someone who could benefit from better control of your diabetes,
order your GlucoWatch Biographer with your first carton of AutoSensors and
receive zero-interest payment terms on your purchase.

Order the GlucoWatch Biographer and AutoSensors and your credit card will be
charged for $200.00 at the time of purchase. Two equal payments of $232.00
plus tax will be charged to your credit card over the following two months.

This special offer only applies to the GlucoWatch Biographer, and ends when
the GlucoWatch. G2(tm) Biographer is offered for sale.

See the enclosed Order
<> Form for
full details. (Please note that this special offer differs slightly from the
pricing listed in the Question and Answer Brochure.)

*	Please follow the instructions on the order form enclosed, or call
1-866-GLWATCH (459-2824) for assistance.

*	The GlucoWatch Biographer is not available in stores or pharmacies.
It is available by mail order only.

*	A prescription from your physician for both the GlucoWatch
Biographer and AutoSensors is required.

*	Only VISA. and MasterCard. will be accepted for this Special
Introductory Offer.  Be sure to ask about our Easy Payment Plan.


BONUS! Purchase a GlucoWatch Biographer now and you will be entitled
to receive a GlucoWatch. G2(tm) Biographer at no extra charge upon



Please call Customer Support toll-free 1-866-GL-WATCH (459-2824) if you have
opening the Order Form, Patient Information, and Q&A Brochure PDF documents.

You will need Adobe. Acrobat. Reader. to view or print these files.
Click for your free download.

 Please visit our website for more information


The stories in this letter are drawn from actual testimonials. In order to
protect their privacy, customer's names and certain identifying facts have
been changed and models have been used to portray them.

G2 is a trademark and GlucoWatch, Cygnus and swan logo are registered
trademarks of Cygnus, Inc., Redwood City, CA
Adobe, Acrobat, and Reader are registered trademarks of Adobe Systems
Incorporated, San Jose, CA

)2002 Cygnus, Inc.
 Printed in U.S.A.
June 2002
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