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In a message dated 7/31/01 9:34:55 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<<Uh, maybe in this case the quicksets are Not for you. Perhaps the good 
isn't outweighed by the bads.
 *I* personally would not to risk my safety further by using a set *I* would 
be disconnecting in my sleep....not yet to happen, but if it's just the 
quicksets, simple arithmatic says don't use 'em.
 No "LOL"'s as your safety and health is no laughing matter, here.
Jenny is right of course.
But the other "solution" you have already mentioned should be tried.  Putting 
a Tegaderm over the entire set.  Maybe if you just did this for a few weeks 
it would "cure the habit".  I think that any of us Pump Mums would definately 
try this on our kids if they started disconnecting in their sleep.  
Good luck
Barbara, Mum of Claire 7
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