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Re: [IP] BS scale conversion

At 09:57 PM 7/31/2001, you wrote:
>Therefore could someone please
>email me the approximate conversions so that I know what someone is
>talking about when they say that their BS was 250 for example.
>Thanks in advance...
>Sarah Arnal
>email @ redacted

Hi Sarah..   Since you are somewhere besides the US (I am betting on 
Canada) the conversion goes this way.  to get your reading from ours say I 
have a BG of 250  take that number and divide it by 18.  250/18 = 
13.8   and to get the other conversion just multiply by 18.

100 = 5.5
  60  =  3.3

and so on..

hopes this helps

Brian Carter
email @ redacted
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