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[IP] re: birth control and high bld glucose

Sorry, I didn't catch your name, but anyways, I have had similar gyno
problems as you and I can't use birth control pills or depo-provera
because they both give me such horrendous migraines that I vomit a couple
times per day and thus am unable to control my BS. So what I ended up
having to resort to, as a newly-wed who is not quite ready for children,
is a new drug called Mirena, that just came out this past January I
believe. It is an IUD (don't get scared, I know many women who fear them).
The IUD's they made in the 70's that caused so many problems are now off
the market, so don't listen to your older friends and relatives horror
stories. Anyways, this IUD delivers some type of drug (don't know the
name) that stimualtes your ovaries thus helping some of your gyno
problems. I have had mine for three months and aside from some initial
bad-cramping days, everything has been great. I haven't noticed a
difference in my BS's at all. So maybe that will be an option for you.
E-mail me privately if you have any questions... good luck!!

Sarah Arnal
email @ redacted 

email @ redacted wrote:
I guess what I am asking is does anyone else have 
problems taking the pill and what types of other treatments are available
keep my fertility viable for the next several years so that we may have 
another healthy child that its mother will be around for, while still
able to control my diabetes?

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