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Re: [IP] Completely Backward From What I Expected

>For the past two weeks, I've been checking sugars before I eat and 2 hours 
>post-meal, to see how much carbohydrates will raise my blood sugar.  (I'm 
>not explaining what I did in detail, because I think everyone here knows 
>what I mean.)  The important thing to remember is that I do not have my 
>pump yet, so I do not bolus at mealtimes.  I take one injection per day of 
>Lantus (a basal).
>Here's the bizarre part:  in *every instance*, without exception, my bs 
>DROPPED between 50 to 75 points per meal.

If Lantus is the only insulin you are taking then it is not a basal dose. 
It is satisfying both your basal needs and carbohydrate needs. In this case 
your meals (amoutn and timing) are not correct for the insulin dosage. On 
the otherhand if you are bolusing (ie. additional injections of rapid 
acting insulin) for each meal then the amout you are taking with the meal 
appears not to be correct.
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