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[IP] birth control and high bld glucose?

 Here is my latest dilemma and I am BEGGING for any help possible.  Two weeks 
ago I stopped using my pump and went back to shots to try what the doctors 
are calling a "pump holiday."  I was also put back on birth control pills to 
try to control my endometriosis and ovarian cyst (which come back FULL force 
and hurt like HELL when I am off of birth control pills).  Although, when I 
stop the pills my sugars do go down and stay that way eventually, so it is 
the lesser of two evils!  I have been on depo provera as well as several 
other types of pills.  I guess what I am asking is does anyone else have 
problems taking the pill and what types of other treatments are available to 
keep my fertility viable for the next several years so that we may have 
another healthy child that its mother will be around for, while still being 
able to control my diabetes?
My doctor also wants me to go in tomorrow to do polypeptide test.  I think 
that this is pointless b/c I was 17 when diagnosed, was in ketoacidosis, lost 
a significant amt of weight and responded well to insulin therapy until 2 
years ago after the birth of our son?  ANY THOUGHTS???
Please respond as soon as possible!  For three days my sugars have not been 
under 250.  I am also looking for a good gyn/fertility doctor in S. 
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