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[IP] Completely Backward From What I Expected

Hey all,

Here's another bizarre situation from me that I hope some folks might be 
able to help me with.

For the past two weeks, I've been checking sugars before I eat and 2 hours 
post-meal, to see how much carbohydrates will raise my blood sugar.  (I'm 
not explaining what I did in detail, because I think everyone here knows 
what I mean.)  The important thing to remember is that I do not have my pump 
yet, so I do not bolus at mealtimes.  I take one injection per day of Lantus 
(a basal).

Here's the bizarre part:  in *every instance*, without exception, my bs 
DROPPED between 50 to 75 points per meal.

Anyone care to take that one on?

Jenn ("Always the Odd One Out") in MA

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"Open up your mind and let your fantasies unwind."
         ---"Music of the Night" "Phantom of the Opera"

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