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[IP] Re: DANG, I DID IT AGAIN!! Quickset disconnect?

Gina originally wrote:
<<  Okay, I'm beginning to feel that I really need a solution here!  Last 
night for the fourth time I DISCONNECTED MY PUMP IN MY SLEEP and woke up with 
large ketones and a sugar of over 500!  I don't know when or why I am doing

Gina, So sorry to hear about this.  When Luke had a no-delivery alarm during
the night (after his 2am check), he woke up at 450-500 range with large ketones
& felt terrible.  A couple of hours not getting his basal rate (and his is only
0.3u/hr at that time) does that to him too.  We've used Luke's waist-pouch &
positioned the belt loosely over his site at times that he was itchy to keep
him from messing with his site during sleep - maybe that would help you not
disconnect unless you were really awake.  I don't blame you for not wanting to
use tape every day.

Luke has been using QuickSets since early April, when they were first
available.  We have never had 1 of them accidentally disconnect.  We had 1
issue when Luke was learning to reconnect after bath, but now we just confirm
that it's seated well afterward & have not had a problem.  I would find it
extremely hard to believe that the set undid itself due to the way that it's
configured & the "just right touch" that it does often take to
connect/disconnect them.  So I believe that you're doing it in your sleep. 
Luke's so good at disconnecting them for bath or swimming that I can imagine he
would be able to do it in his sleep also, if he didn't sleep like the 6 yr. old
kid that he is.

I know some folks have not had good experience with these sets, but we love
them - they're a big part of making Luke's pumping experience as smooth as it
now is. YMMV.  

Good luck to you.
Shelly V, mom to Luke, 6, pumping 3/01, dx'd 10/99

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