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Re: [IP] same action, different bgs??

Bonnie, I had the same problem with yoga -- I never
knew whether my bgs were going to be high or low
afterwards. The exercise is not as predictable an 
amount of effort as, say, hiking or biking. An hour 
of yoga may be really strenuous, or very gentle. 
Eventually I gave up doing yoga because I found the 
unpredictable bgs so stressful that the benefits of 
doing yoga didn't seem worth it. I hope it doesn't 
come to that for you. (Now that I'm on the pump I've 
been thinking of going back to doing yoga -- except 
that in the meantime I've developed a bad toe joint 
that makes doing a lot of yoga poses, including the 
ubiquitous downward facing dog, impossible.)

That big high you had sounds like a rebound to me.
(I use jelly bellies sometimes, too! More fun than 
glucose tabs. But don't take them hiking because if
you get caught in the rain, you'll end up with blue
hands instead of a blue mouth! It happened to me....)

Mike wrote:
>Dude cut you're basil rate an hour before class if 
>you are eating all those tabs you are doing something 
>real wrong

Not necessarily. I cut my basal rate to practically 
nothing before going on a hike, and I still need to
eat to keep from going low. Not as much as I used
to have to eat before I went on the pump, but a
noticeable amount, especially when there's signi-
ficant elevation gain. I'm not sure why this is, 
except that I know that I'm still producing some 
insulin (at least, according to a C-peptide test 
I had done about a year ago).

/Janet Lafler
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