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[IP] Re: newbee questions-Dual and Square wave

I have always experimented with the dual and square wave boluses. It is best
to experiment with it yourself. Foods that I can't handle are the heavier
breads like Bagels, Lawash (like a Mexican tortilla) bread and pizza-that I
eat a meal and the blood sugar problem lingers because it is a heavier
consistency than the bread you would get from the super market. For me,
guessing I ate 60 carbs, my ratio is 1 unit for 15 units, I dual wave 2
units now and 2 units in the next hour and a half.  I always recheck in two
hours to see if I had it right, sometimes I give myself anther unit or two
depending on my reading. One unit will get me down 60 points. Things you are
not sure on, you can always recheck and not limit what you like or what you
would like to try. Dual wave bolus, for me is usually when I want to
graze-like at a family gathering or something. I always recheck a few hours
later on that one keeping the same carb-insulin ratio in mind. I know that
wheat breads are better in helping me count carbs-I don't have to be too
heavy on the carb-insulin ratio. It does take a lot of experimentation when
you are just starting out, Just try it out and make the corrections as they
may. Sometimes I have learned to leave mediocre readings alone like 180,
190's after the two hour re-check on "different" foods because the basal
rate will usually drop my BG down enough that it wouldn't need to be
supplemented. With experience you can figure that out, everybody is
different, sometimes I just "go with the flow" and it is all right, it is
all a different game than on the POOR MAN's Pump!  Good luck, Sharon
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