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[IP] Re:meter choices

Our diabetes educator informed us that all meters are the same but she was
more partial to Minimed because our sales rep was fairly local-they have sales
reps all over the US and a few in every state. Our rep even wears one!  Our
local support group is sponsored (food paid for by minimed), there are a few
disontronic (spelling?) pump users there-showing impartiality. I have a 507C
that I know I will keep until it dies-and buy a new Minimed pump when that
happens, Minimed is always trying new things. I had a few order screw-ups that
were partially my fault but they were handled and corrected. Minimed is a good
company. Our few local people that have disontronics do order supplies through
minimed. As you can see I am partial to minimed, and If you do get the 508,
please keep it the case-I have always kept my pump in the case (leather or
neoprene) because I want to protect my investment from getting smashed or
something. Don't want to go back to the poor man's pump for anything! Best
wishes, Sharon
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