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Re: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V5 #324

At 04:14 PM 7/31/2001 -0400, you wrote:
>In a message dated 7/31/01 11:55:13 AM Pacific Daylight Time,
>email @ redacted writes:
><< hey all three read plasma, not whole blood  :O)  I know, it gets
>  also, if you talk to the meter companies, they say NOT TO use the same
>  for back to back readings.  doesnt make sense to me either, but they say to
>  use a differetn finger.....something about interstitual fluid or something.
>I read the bottles of all three and they are all read whole blood.  I have
>also done three different fingers (one for each meter) and still get the same

I think we are beginning to get confused by the words here.

All the home test meters analyze (ie. read) whole blood. You apply whole 
blood to all of them. You do not separate it in plasma and cells before 
analyzing it. However, all the free glucose in this blood is dissolved in 
the plasm and some meters (FreeStyle, FastTake, Ultra) are calibrated to 
report the amount of glucose as the concentration in the plasm. Some meters 
(one touch Profile) on the other hand report the number as the 
concentration in the entire blood sample. Both type meter are measuring the 
same thing (ie. free glucose which is dissolved in the plasma) but since 
the plasm is a slightly smaller volume (89-90%) than the entire blood 
sample the reported concentration for the same amount of glucose is 
slightly higher (+12%) than for meters that report the concentration 
calibrated against whole blood.

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