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Re: [IP] Steroids

I fasted took my 30 MG pred and followed my BGs for 4 hours. At 3 hrs I
found the Pred must have kicked in because my BGs jumped 200 points. I did
this many for many days. Now when I take my Pred I take 2 units plus my
regular insulin bolus as per my doctor's orders.
Now I am at 20MG and it seems my body needs it-I have been waking up with
normal blood sugars for the first time in a long time.-go figure :-/
Wish upon a star
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Sent: Tuesday, July 31, 2001 1:12 PM
Subject: [IP] Steroids

> Hello,
> The conversation about the steroids (inhaled or otherwise) has got me
> thinking.  I also take steroids (Prednisone and Florinef) on a daily basis
> to treat Addison's Disease (adrenal gland failure).  Even though my docs
> tell me that the drugs should not affect my blood sugar (because I am on a
> "replacement" dose), I find that on occasion, they do.  I am sure that
> taking steroids for anything other than replacement therapy must have
> high blood sugars at times.
> Any way, my thought is:  Has anyone ever considered a bolus for the
>   Is there any way to track how much the sugar rises after taking the
> steroid?
> Just something to think about....
> Jenn :)
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