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[IP] Pump Delays


I'm trying to answer everyone's questions at the same time, so I've cut and 
pasted everyone's comments into one email.

Kelly said:
Wow!  I just don't understand that.  My doctor ok'd me getting the pump on 
7/13 and I faxed the paperwork the following Monday.  I knew last Friday 
that I was getting my pump today.  It may be a week or so before I get with 
the doctor and get pumping but I have my pump and everyone I have dealt with 
at Minimed has been great!  Did they give you any reason for the delay?

Wendy Said:
you didn't tell us whether your insurance had given approval for the
pump.  When i decided to get a pump, it took nearly 6 months and one appeal 
to be approved.  It was the insurance company that was holding things up.  I 
had Harvard pilgrim healthcare at the time.  I was on the
pump for almost 2 years, when I found out my pump wasn't even mine !! It
was a rental. (507c) and it had to be returned to minimed, after I changed 
insurances.  Minimed was great. They initiated the process with the new 
insurance co. and i got a 508 two weeks later. To ease your mind, I would 
call minimed and/or your insurance company to find out why it will take two 
months. It's not you.  Hang in there!

Andy Said:
Check with MM and find out where the holdup is and call your insurance and 
make sure it is approved from their end.  When my insurance called MM to 
give them the approval they shipped my pump the next day!  Good luck and 
hang in there - it is so worth the wait!

Judy in MI Said:
Did MM say why it would take that long?  I got my pump really fast, like 2 
days from when my doctor filled out the forms and I submitted my month's 
worth of blood tests that my insurance company required.  I have an HMO and 
thought it would take a long time because they are notorious for being slow 
and not covering stuff.  I thought that MM did a great job for me.  They 
helped me quickly when I had questions.

Dana Said:
Unfortunately, it may be your insurance company who is holding your order 
up. My son's pump order had to go through two appeals before finally being 
approved. Find out where the delay is and then find out if the insurance 
company has a board certified endocrinologist reviewing the claim. In our 
case the doc who made the original denial was a cardiologist. We then found 
out what they needed and demanded that a board certified pediatric 
endocrinologist review the claim. We also faxed 50+ pages of journal 
articles documenting the pumps effectiveness in lowering Alc levels.

First off, thanks to everyone who sent emails and chatted with my in the IP 
chats, and gave me so much support.  I really appreciate that.

I did find out what causing the delay.  Apparently, the Commonwealth of 
Massachusetts where I live, and who I get insurance from, does not contract 
with out-of-state medical suppliers to provide equipment etc.  Everything 
has to go through a third party.  This third party is what's causing the 

The pump has been ordered, and has also been approved by the Commonwealth 
for payment.

Thanks again,
Jenn :)

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