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Re: [IP] Difference in Meters

For those of you who use a Freestyle and use "alternate sites" (i.e., the 
forearm), be aware that studies have shown that BGs from alternate sites can 
be higher than BGs taken from the finger. Users are advised not to use 
alternate sites when BGs can be rapidly falling (as in after meals). There 
were a couple of abstracts presented at the recent ADA Scientific Sessions 
regarding the differences.

Jan and Elvis

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 << Has anyone who uses a Freestyle had any problems with them? >>
 I had the same problem this week.  We had just switched to the Freestyle 
 because the Fast Take strip were unavailable.  My son was having one of 
 panicky lows -the kind where you don't have any doubt.  The Freestyle meter 
 read 112 and immediately after the Fast Take was 54.  I called and they said 
 they would send a new meter.  Today, same situation, different 
 meter,Freestyle 77, Fast Take 42.  
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