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Re: [IP] pump pouches


  This is Sylvia again, mom to Joshua.  Josh has always used the Waist-It 
pouch which is a  soft cloth pouch sewn right onto a stretchy elastic waist 
belt that closes with velcro.  You can get them through the Diabetes Mall, 
Disetronic and Minimed sites.  They only cost about $9.00, come in various 
colors too and he even wears this at night for sleeping.  It also has helped 
to ensure that Josh has never had the 'potty' problem that others have 
mentioned in the past of 'losing' their pump when sitting...if you know what 
I mean.  Also, if you have extra tubing you can actually stuff it in the 
pouch with the pump.  Another note, because the pouch is cloth I mark the 
pouch with liquid embroidery with INSULIN PUMP-HUMALOG so it is clearly 
stated what it is and what is in it in case of emergencies.

Good Luck!

mom to Joshua
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