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[IP] same action, different bgs??

Ed, Sounds like you have perfected the exercise / pump activities.  
 Those were very good results. 

I have had some problems lately getting things worked out with 
Yoga.  I would never have believed that 1 & 1/2 hours of yoga would 
be as strenuous as a 45 minute fast walk.....

I have had to break in class and go swallow 6 glucose tabs on 
several occasional.  I try to have my bg at 180 to 200 before class 
and I take off my pump.  During one of these times, I still went to 
55 at the end of class and had to chew more tabs before I could 
drive home.  

The other times have worked out fine.  

Last night I was at 150, took off pump, ate half a wheat bagel and 
went to class.   When I got home I was 321??!!??  I bolused 10 and 
nothing happened for an hour.  I ASSUMED it was a bad site, and 
put a new infusion set in.   But then I stuck the end piece back in 
the old site accidentally.   Bolused 10 and sure enough started 
going down immediately.   When I realized the old site was 
working, I knew I would go low and had to watch it closely for 
several hours.  Had to eat some jelly bellies (one of my secret 
substitutes for glutabs).  Everything worked out, woke up with a 
blue tongue from the blueberry ones and a 76 bg! 

Why would that happen?   This teacher was a substitute and does 
more strenuous moves (we are all sweating midway through).

I guess it is one more of the marvelous mysteries of DB, like where 
does all that insulin go when you have a bad site?   
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