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Re: [IP] Difference in Meters


  We have been successfully using the Frestyle meter for 10 months now.  The 
first one we got was a dud because the testing was off and the readings were 
off.  But the ones we have now (they also sent us one for school when they 
replaced the first one) was only 4 points different from the labs this last 
time and only 2-3 points different 3 months ago so I would say it is dead on 

  At our camp they are always giving away Dex meters and we have the EXACT 
same problems that you mentions about the same finger prick coming up with 
different numbers.  But keep in mind the more you 'milk' the finger the more 
chances you have of getting tissue in the blood sample which will alter the 
BG numbers.  This is what we have found out in the past and has been 
discussed on this list several times!

Good Luck!

mom to Joshua
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