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email @ redacted wrote:
>> Okay, I'm beginning to feel that I really need a solution here!  Last night
>> for the fourth time I DISCONNECTED MY PUMP IN MY SLEEP and woke up with large
>> ketones and a sugar of over 500!  I don't know when or why I am doing this

> two questions
> are you sleeping well? i mean getting a good nights rest?

> what kind of infusion sets are you using? ie how difficult is it to disconnect?
> this is a real interesting problem. i wake up with blankets and pillows
> on the other side of the room but in 2 years have only pulled out
> tenders twice.
> chris parsons

A third question:
Are you sure that you are not going low, and
rebounding?  Five hundred is awful high with just
being disconnected, except immediately after a
meal.  I don't believe that I would get that high. 
I may get up to 200-300 but not 500 except from a
rebound.  The only times (twice in 8 years) that
I've disconnected were when I was low.  If you have
a lot of stored glucogon in your liver, etc. it
could account for the high.  Unless you are
continually getting disconnected during the day I
would suspect that you are either doing a lot of
rolling around (low?) or intentionally pulling it
out, like it's foreign to you.  I stuff mine under
the pillow and am rarely even conscious of it at

I would suggest doing a bg check every couple hours
throughout the night and see if you may be going
low, or high.  Highs may also cause strange
behavior, but not quite extreme as a low.
email @ redacted
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