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Re: [IP] difference in meters

Hi all! I am experiencing the same problem with meters. I have been using the 
'At Last" meter since March and really enjoy it. However, in the interest of 
curiosity I now have the Ultra as of yesterday, the Freestyle. I decided to 
try to compare and see how close they would come to each other with the 
readings. Shocked is putting it mildly. I used the same finger, same time and 
here is what I got for results:
141 Ultra
100 At Last! 
They all three read whole blood and are alternative site meters. I have tried 
it three other times since then and the closest I came today was a 20 point 
difference between the Freestyle and At Last.  I have used both arm and 
fingers just in case that was the reason for the differential. No change. I 
am really concerned that the numbers I have been showing to the doctor on a 
weekly basis (4wks) since I started with my pump, are very inaccurate. I am 
really attached to the At Last because of the pump action in the meter makes 
it easier to draw up plenty of blood for a sample.

Any suggestions as to why there is a 40-60 point range difference in meters?

Maribeth 38 yr diabetic.
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