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[IP] meter reliability

I've used the One Touch Profile for quite a while, then switched to the
Fasttake (and now the Ultra).

Several things to keep in mind:

1) The Fasttake and Ultra will measure ca. 12% higher than the Profile
because of what they measure. So anyone comparing needs to divide their
profile reading by 1.12 to get the approx. equivalent FastTake/Ultra
equivalent (has to do with plasma calibration vs. whole blood, I think...).
If you use the InTouch computer software to download readings (as I do), it
converts the readings from all meters so they are consistent.

2) To all who are thinking about switching from one meter to another: I
strongly suggest taking enough sample tests (using both meters) so you can
be comfortable with your new meter. I've done this each time, and it has
helped immensely.

3) Specifically, what I found out with the Fasttake and Ultra is that the
technique is very important--I was used to just getting enough blood to
cover the profile strip, but the Fasttake and Ultra are much more accurate
when 1) you let the wick of the strip siphon up the blood, rather than
pushing your finger against the strip (my most common mistake) and 2) you
make sure that the blood fills the whole strip immediately (the "confidence
window" indicates that); I abort any test where the blood doesn't fill the
confidence window right away. Again, doing lots of tests before you use your
new meter as the only one is a really good way to get your technique down
and keep the numbers accurate.

4) Having done #3, I've found both the Fasttake and Ultra to be very
accurate (but they can be highly inaccurate if not enough blood reaches the
confidence window).

Hope this helps!


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