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Re: [IP] Travel and unexpected snafus

Unless you are using Combivent, which is Albuterol AND a steroid combination, 
an Albuterol alone inhaler is not a steroid and should not raise bgs, unless 
you get a bg rise from anything which causes an adrenaline surge (which I 
actually find sometimes will lower mine)  Albuterol is a bronchodilator as 
opposed to a steroid.  Normally, the steroid is used routinely to keep the 
asthma attacks away (the 'gold key' so to speak) and the Albuterol is the 
'rescue' inhaler for emergency use (Steroids will normally take routine use 
for a week or two to start to have an effect at keeping the attacks away, 
then regular use to maintain its effects- thus should not be used for 
emergency attacks since the effects will not be immediate unless in 
combination with the fast acting bronchodilators like Combivent)  

Just the Pharmacist in me trying to help you understand a little better!  If 
anyone needs more information, please feel free to email me privately!

Cheryl & Two of Two
aka Mouse
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