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Re: [IP] Unbelievably no pump was best thing...

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From: dlehmann 

<<I'm thanking my lucky stars that my pump was not on because we had such
horrible service from the restaurant we had dinner at that I would have
bottomed out. But, because I wasn't on my pump, I went to take my insulin
before we were seated (I was a bit high) figuring the insulin would be
working fine by the time food got to the table.  With no basal running, I
figured no risk.  TWO HOURS later I hadn't gotten my food (only rolls at
table).  Well, between the stress and lack of basal, I wasn't bottomed out.
The way I figure things, if I had pulled that trick of taking my insulin
pre-meal with my pump, I never would have made it that long. >>

OK, call me stupid, but why did having the pump OFF help in this?  *I* was 'led to believe' the whole POINT of having a pump was to avoid shots and this type of scenario.

When *we* go out to eat, I have my basals set right and don't HAVE to eat "NOW!" I can coast along with the flow and bolus when I get my meal. I don't need to fill up on dinner rolls and such and b**** 'til I get fed.

*I* would think you'd have been bummed at not having your pump on!

Jenny Sutherland
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