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Re: [IP] pump bolusing amounts

Hi.  Congratulations on getting your Pump!

Excellent question.  I'm sure that more will arise over time and that is
what the list is here for.  I have always found that there is somebody
here that can shed some light on just about any pump related subject.

Regarding your concern about insulin consumption.  This really is one of
those YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary) things.  IF, your basals are correct,
AND IF, you get the CHO count correct, AND IF you are not high or low
when using 1u:6 gram CHO, THEN this is your perfect number!

Many of us find that we need different ratios at different times of the
day.  This may be something that you discover as you experiment with
different foods through out the day.  So you may need more insulin for a
jelly donut at morning coffee break, than you need for the same donut at
afternoon coffee break ;-)
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