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Re: [IP] NYTimes.com Article: A Guessing Game to Rally the Diabetic Child

> This may be a good effort but I was generally unimpressed.
> I suspect that it will take most kids about 20 seconds to realize they (or
> other kids) can cross check with another meter.  Then what are you going to
> do - Tell kids that it is not good for their health to take extra readings?
> Tell them that it is brave, clean and noble to make decisions about their
> diabetes with incomplete information when better data is avaliable? I don't
> think this is a winner.
> Pat

This is one of several unfavorable comments about the program. I immediately
saw it as a way to get the kids started gambling - could lead to an addiction.
None and nevertheless, is anyone informing the makers of the feelings of
experienced DMers about their program. My hugsband always says to complain to
those who CAN make a difference. Is there a place we can voice our opinions
besides to other IPers? I'll send mine. YMMV (~_^)

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