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[IP] Re: I'm stumped

Shelly Fast wrote:
>I always have the late bg rise occur with 
>shellfish:  shrimp, crab, mussels, clams, 
>abalone and calamari!  Even when it is not 
>fried I have to square wave bolus over 
>about six hours to keep the late bg rise 
>under control.  For me, I double the amount 
>of insulin I would normally take based on 
>the weight of the shellfist, then I take one 
>third now and two thirds over six hours.
>That *usually* works.

That's interesting! And this doesn't happen
when you eat other high-protein foods? Maybe
that was my problem. I eat a lot of fish, but 
I rarely eat seafood (the only kinds I really
like are shrimp, mussels, and squid). Anyway, 
I haven't had much experience with how sea-
food affects my blood sugar, and I figured it 
would act like any other protein. 


/Janet Lafler
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