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[IP] Re: Hiking and Camping

>Ed --
>Could you share with us _how_ you did this?  I know, YMMV for all of us,
>but I'd like to hear how others handle this.
>- --KarenL, who generally runs herself high before hand, sometimes
>suspends, and munches some on the trail

Ok, Karen, since you asked... But I'll repeat, you and everyone else may
need different adjustments!!!

I tested pre-lunch with a normal BG, and ate a hearty lunch, for me.  I
bolused only 3u H for a carb dose that would normally have required 6.5u H.
About the same time, one hour before the planned start of hiking, I reduced
my basal to 0.6, from a normal basal in that time frame of 1.1-1.2 (my
normal basal shifts upward by 0.1 at 2PM), and left it that way until about
a 1/2 hour before the hike ended.  Testing during the hike was sheer
(panic-tinged) ecstacy.  I actually started the hike at 150, but 2 hours in
I was at 100, then 1/2 hour later at 80.  I was concerned, and was about to
eat something, but my wife, who likes to say that she has only had diabetes
for the 5 years that she's known me, unlike my 26, said, let's just test
again in 20 minutes, and eat then, if necessary.  She reminded me that 80
was in the normal range, and that paranoia developed from years of exposure
to random effects of NPH causes me to want to ride my BG close to the high
end (too close in her opinion).  So anyway, I did test 3 times in the next
hour, and then slowed down my testing to every 30-45 minutes, but I
remained at within 4 points of 80 for the entire last half of the hike.
(Sorry if I exagerated a little in my first post).  The evening testing
went well also, remaining normal though slightly higher until an hour after
the smores kicked in.  : )
	This was the best day of my hiking.  The others were great too,
just not perfect like the one described.  I went from 160 to 62 midway
through another hike, felt it coming on (the pump has definately increased
my sensitivity to hypoglycemia), and treated it with a sports bar that
brought me up to the mid 70s (scary, yes, but I stuck it out) for an hour
and a half before settling me in above 100 for the last 2 hours of hiking.
	And Karen, I tried running high before hand, as I normally do
before day hiking in the Wasatch, but I couldn't achieve it this trip.  I
think my sensitivity was ramped up.  And I too normally am a muncher on the
way.  This was a thrill because I didn't feel like I had to.

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