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[IP] Travel and unexpected snafus

So I got back from my trip to VA unscathed by airport
personnel. On the way down, at NY Laguardia airport,
the security guy barked at me and told me to take off
my "cell phone" before I walked through the metal
detector. I replied that it was an insulin pump, blah
blah, and he asked me to lift the leather case cover
so he could see it (from about 5 feet away). Then he
let me through. Coming back from the Greensboro, NC
airport I hid the pump a little better and it was
That aside, coming home Sunday was a BAD diabetes day.
I had the rare asthma attack where I had to use my
inhaler. So of course my numbers go through the roof
because of the steroids in the inhaler, and for hours
after, I was bolusing to get down to no effect. We
bolused for a small (bad) Mexican lunch (my BG was 300
when we sat down, and I had just bolused 2 corrrection
units before). Next time I checked I was 400! Bolused
3 units, 20 minutes later at 450 (trace ketones). I
injected 3 units and it finally came down, and I
changed my set to be safe. Sometimes sets quit
working, and on a day like that it's hard to tell with
so many variables. Well, I wound up having to change
the new site too, as it didn't seem to be working (in
the airport bathroom - lovely). Now everything's back
on track, but today I have a cold. I wonder if I
caught something because my numbers were so high or if
my numbers were high because I was coming down with
something? Really stinks, because I wanted to show my
parents (who I was visiting) how great I'm doing with
the pump and how they needn't worry. Thanks for
letting me vent. 
Catherine (dxed 93, MM 508 since 5/01)

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