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[IP] bruises

>nd has the
>most horrible bruise I've ever seen!  It's about the size of the palm 
of my hand.

 I frequently get bruises and have attributed it to nicking a vein 
when I insert the silhouette.  I insert them at about 10-15 degrees, 
very shallow.   It works better for me that way.    My thighs seem 
to bruise more easily.  Sometimes I get a good one on my 
stomach and anytime I get a gusher or even a little geyser, I will 
end up with a bruise.  Usually quarter or half dollar size. No biggie 
for me.  Although my daughter makes sure my shorts cover them 
all before I go out.   One time I put my sil in on the side of my 
thigh, and went on my merry way to have lunch.  When I sat down 
the shorts came up above the infusion sight and it was right out 
there....Oh well, had a great lunch and paid it no mind.  The 
bruises for me, are just a part of the diabetes, and my blood levels 
are normal.  However, get your daughter checked just to be safe. 
Bonnie Richardson - Hville, AL
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