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Re: [IP] duration of eye dilation

>>Just wondering -- do any of you long-term DMers with eyes that are >slow 
>>to dilate and retract have eye doctors that do anything to help >them 
>>retract more quickly?  Or has anyone figured out more useful >techniques 
>>themselves for keeping comfortable than staying out of
>>sunlight and not trying to focus on anything <gr.>?  I always end up
>>dilated for the rest of the day (no, I don't drive home from the
>>appointment).  I had once asked my doctor about scopolamine, which a
>>previous doctor had used for this purpose, but he thought it was not a
>>good idea.

I have read all the post regarding this topic with great interest.  At the 
beginning of July I had my eyes checked, which I have been doing yearly for 
the last 24 years.  I have never ever had a problem with dilation, until 
this past time.  I was so scared.  I was still dilated the next morning.  I 
call the doctors office in a panic.  They were very rude and said that this 
is normal and could last up for 48 hours.  Well 72 hours later I could 
finally take the sun glasses off.  To this day I still feel as though my 
eyes are still slightly dilated.  I guess I need to call the doctors office 
again.  Bright lights and the sun ( I live in AZ ) have never bothered me 
like they do now.  Well I just had to get my two cents in.  :-)

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