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[IP] Re: Morning Highs

Just some thoughts for those having problems with after breakfast highs..
For years, on MDI, my BGs would almost always spike in the first few hours
after my 60 to 70 carb breakfasts. By lunchtime, they would be in a normal
range, but if I took a correction injection, I would drop low.
When I started on the pump last December, I was still having the same
problem....until I mentioned it to my Endo, and he asked me if I was sure I
was bolusing at least 10 minutes before starting to eat. Weellll, not
necessarily, (it was more of a guessing game). When I started using Humalog, I
wasn't as concious of the timing of my pre-meal MDI, as with Regular,  and
didn't think much about that when I started using the pump.  Now that my MM508
tells me exactly when I've bolused, I know when I've waited 10 minutes or so
before starting to eat breakfast (don't have spiking problems for other
meals).... Now I very RARELY have high BGs mid-morning, thank goodness!
This may not have any bearing on your youngsters experiences, but could be a
possiblity.  Would be nice if it were the case, tho'...wouldn't it? Fairly
easy to solve.
As Always...YMMV.

Good luck in finding an answer to your morning highs...

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