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[IP] RE: different meter readings

We use the FreeStyle for our 10yo and it has been accurate for her when
compared to the lab. We're very happy with the meter.
However, a month or so ago, when it looked as though our 2yo might be
developing diabetes (long story), we got another FreeStyle from the endo and
I didn't trust those readings at all. We would do a bg and the number would
be really high (with a clean arm) so we'd do it again (we always double
check really high and really low numbers), getting a normal number. Then I'd
do another one to verify and see which to believe and it would be normal
again. Or, sometimes it would be high, next one high but a lot lower, next
one normal, so I'd have to do yet another to see which to believe. She
wasn't getting poked just once for some readings. Since we (endo and us)
were trying to determine if we should begin using low-dose insulin or not,
it was *extremely* important to be as accurate as possible. I didn't trust
the meter at all with her.
Turns out the 2yo doesn't have diabetes after all (whew! A1C 5% and antibody
negative from 2 different studies) but if she did, I would probably use a
different meter for her (Ultra, maybe, since it can also be used on the

Take care, Kerri
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