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[IP] different meter readings

Hi Everyone,
     I didn't mean to start a meter war! Really, I didn't! The one thing
that bothered me was when my friend said that her daughter complained about
feeling low and it didn't show her as being low.  I just wanted to find out
from those who use the Freestyle if anyone else had that same  problem.
Even though there was a big difference in the high readings at times, it's
the lows that I was more worried about.
     Maybe other people have had problems with other meters saying they're
normal when they feel low and indeed are low.
     It's just that since the Freestyle is still relatively new, I wanted to
check it out with others.
     I guess as one person said, as long as you stick with one meter, you
can base your readings off that, since it will read the same way all the
      But still......Those lows concern me.
Dianne, Mom of Johnny 9
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