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re:[IP] morning highs

Cari wrote:
We have always had difficulties in the morning. Our situation seems a bit
different than most though so I'd love to hear from anyone that has the
same thing happen. He will wake up with great #'s (love that pump!) and
will stay level (even for a couple of hours) until he eats.

Luke, 6, still has some post-breakfast high, but it's not as severe now that
we started bolusing about 1/2 of his bolus before he starts eating.  Then we
finish the bolus after we see how much he actually eats.  Increasing the bolus
or basal was making him bottom out before lunch time.  From reading comments on
the list, it sounds like what most of the Type 1 pregnant women do to help
control the post-meal high.  You might give it a try, but as always, YMMV.
Shelly V., mom to Luke, 6, pumping Mar01, dx'd Oct99.

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