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Re: [IP] I;m stumped

As with us diabetics, there could be a number of things causing this.
for example the stress from the first high reading, maybe carb ratio 
changed, basals changed, depression, lack of sleep, fat from a meal, dawn 
phen., hormones and so on.  So every once in a while you'll have these highs 
but thats how life is with diabetics and you can't go nuts and stress over 
them as long as it doesn't happen everyday and if it does most likely your 
basals or carb ratio changed.

this is a YMMV kind of thing.  I found through my experience I can be fine 
for a while and then my BS go wacky and then I'm fine again.
Even though my endo thinks I should never get a low or a high.


>I have had the same problem with my sugars lately.  Like today, I got up at
>10am and tested and I was at 225.  I have a late breakfast and bolused
>accordingly, plus an extra 1.5 units which ususally will bring me down to
>125-150.  I didn;t eat anything until dinner and gave 3 units for dinner 
>another 2 units - I was still at 211.  Then I came down to 148 around 8pm 
>I just woke up and tested (1am) and I am at 510?  I just gave 3 units by
>injection and am going back to bed - no ketones either.
>I will hopefully wake up later this morning and be normal range.  No air
>bubbles in tubing and site is OK.  It just happens once in a while with no
>explanation - it's all part of being a diabetic.

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