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[IP] Eye Dilation

I also have this problem.  I schedule my 6 month checks with my opthamologist 
and my retinologist on the same day, because they both require dilation.  I 
see the opthamologist first.  Last week I mentioned my sensitivity to the 
dilation drops to them--they said that I could request "light dilation" from 
now on--meaning only one drop, instead of several at intervals.  Like you, I 
feel most of the dilation occurs some hours after the drops.  One drop worked 
fine for the first visit.  When I got to the retina doc three hours later, I 
explained that I had already been dilated, and about the "light dilation."  
One glance at my pupils determined that I was completely dilated-so no 
further drop(s) was needed.  
I have also heard that blue eyed persons are easier to dilate?  I have brown 
eyes, which are quite sensitive to everything-sunlight especially, even when 
NOT dilated.  I have had them use the "reversal" drops before after the 
appointments, but they do not seem to speed up the process of reversal for 
me.  I will say, that this time, with only one drop each eye, I was slightly 
more comfortable than previous visits.
Hope this helps in some way.  Lisa

<< Thanks to everyone for their responses to my question about eyes staying 
 dilated for a long time.  Sounds like a lot of us are bothered by  >>
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