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[IP] freestyle meter

             I was very concerned about your post re the Freestyle
meter.  We just started using it and have not as yet had a problem.  I
think the company needs to be notified about these problems.  It could
save some ones life.  I am sure the company should supply a reason as to
why this happened and I would like to hear the response.
Lisa, mother of Eric, 6, pumping May 2001, thanks to the members of this

Anyway.... to get to what this e-mail was suppose to be about.  At camp
representative for the Freestyle pump was there and gave every camper a
meter and 50 strips.  When I got it all set up, I had my son take his
reading using it. I also had him set up his Fast Take meter and take a
reading with it ( all from the same finger pick.)  There was a
difference of
100 points!  The freestyle being lower.  We not only did this once but
different times.  The next time it was only 30 points different and the
following time it was 120 points different! The freestyle always being
lower.  One of the other mom's there said she already had gotten  a
freestyle meter and stopped using it because her daughter said she felt
and she took it with the Freestyle  and it said she was 120.  Her
insisted that she really felt low so she took it with her acucheck meter

that she had been using before.  It read 48!  So she gave her glucose
tablets and she felt fine after.  So for her the Freestyle read HIGHER
her regular meter.  I liked the fact or getting a free meter ( they even

gave me one for school too), but I don't know if I can trust the
( I tested the strips before using them with the testing solution they
supplied and it showed that they were good)
    Has anyone who uses a Freestyle had any problems with them?
Dianne, Mom of Johnny 9
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