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[IP] I;m stumped

I have had the same problem with my sugars lately.  Like today, I got up at 
10am and tested and I was at 225.  I have a late breakfast and bolused 
accordingly, plus an extra 1.5 units which ususally will bring me down to 
125-150.  I didn;t eat anything until dinner and gave 3 units for dinner plus 
another 2 units - I was still at 211.  Then I came down to 148 around 8pm and 
I just woke up and tested (1am) and I am at 510?  I just gave 3 units by 
injection and am going back to bed - no ketones either.  

I will hopefully wake up later this morning and be normal range.  No air 
bubbles in tubing and site is OK.  It just happens once in a while with no 
explanation - it's all part of being a diabetic.
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