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Re: [IP] duration of eye dilation

Thanks to everyone for their responses to my question about eyes staying 
dilated for a long time.  Sounds like a lot of us are bothered by it!   I've 
talked to my doctor about waiting a little longer between the drops and the 
exam (so I won't always feel that the really dilated part comes long after I 
have left his office), but I think he is already using the smallest dosage 
that he thinks will work.  It was actually a little less uncomfortable 
outside going home this time than in the past -- or maybe it's just that I've 
gotten so used to sunlight being painful with my developing diabetic 
cataracts that it didn't seem so different <gr.>.  Still was far from being 
able to see well enough to drive, though, and not able to read till the next 
day.  The problem with scheduling a 6-month visit during one of the shortest 
days of the year (and have it be dusk as I am going home) is that the other 
visit that year will always be on one of the longest days.  Here, anyway 

Linda Z
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