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Re: [IP] I'm stumped

I get much the same thing when I have had a steak *Top sirloin, grilled, 1 1/2 in thick and rare* with a plain salad and dinner rool.

Protein likes to sneak up on folks and really, *I* think it slowed the carbs you ate and then came to haunt ya through the night.

Maybe you could 'up' the basals a touch on nights you'll be on a protein fest? check with you pro and see how that works.

If it were a piston rod issue, you'd be more likely to get occlusion errors and nothing you bolus the next day would help. I've been that route.

Jenny Sutherland
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  I'm stumped. The original high was annoying, but that kind of thing has happened to me before. But I don't understand why my bg would not come down last night, despite repeated bolusing, and yet came down easily this morning. It's obviously not the site. I wonder if there really is something wrong with Pollux. After I disconnected, I checked to make sure that the insulin was flowing -- which it is, though of course there's no way to tell by looking whether it's dispensing the right amount of insulin.

  Oh, and I also checked my meter with testing solution.

  I guess I should call Disetronic, but I'm just won-
  dering if anyone here has any ideas, first. (Could
  it be a problem with the piston rod? Last time I 
  ordered supplies from Disetronic, the customer rep mentioned that the piston rods need to be replaced every 3-6 months, which was the first I'd ever heard of it.)

  So, fellow pumpers, any thoughts?

  /Janet Lafler (and Castor & Pollux)
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