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[IP] I'm stumped

A Puzzler

Last night we went out to dinner. Before dinner
(this was at 6:30) my bg was 111, and it had been 
fine all day. I had a calimari salad (boiled squid,
not fried, in a green salad with various veggies,
tossed in a vinaigrette), and a 6-inch piece of
baguette. Water to drink. I bolused for 60 grams 
of carb, knowing that this might be overkill, but
also knowing that we were going to a party in a 
little while and I could easily make up any carb

At 7:45, my bg was 87. I figured that if I didn't
eat something it would drop too low. We were at 
the party by then, so I ate a small cookie and half 
a plum, which I estimated to be about 12g carb. I
didn't bolus anything for this. At 9:00, my bg was 
129. I ate and drank nothing else the entire evening 
except for a couple of olives and more water.

When we got home at midnight, my bg was 259. I was
annoyed, but I figured that either my dinner had
been higher fat than I realized, and that it was 
catching up with me, or that there had been a bubble
in the tubing that I hadn't noticed. I checked the 
tubing for bubbles (there were none) and checked my
infusion site (it looked and felt fine, and was less
than 2 days old; I rarely have infusion site problems,
anyway). I bolused 1.5 units, which at that time of
night would typically drop me to about 120. I set my
alarm for 3:00 to make sure that I wasn't bottoming
out after this late-night bolus.

At 3:00 I got up and checked my blood sugar. It was
230. I was quite peeved. At that point I was beginning
to wonder whether it was an insulin problem, or a 
problem with the pump itself, but I didn't want to 
switch pumps, so I bolused another unit, which ordi-
narily would drop me about 100 points. I went into 
the living room to mope and watch tv. Eventually, my 
husband came in and persuaded me to come back to bed.

At 8:00, I woke up and checked my blood sugar. It was
211. Still no bubbles or obvious problems with the site.
I decided to test the theory that the problem was with 
either the pump or the insulin. I was wearing Pollux,
so I got out Castor, made sure that the basal rates
were set correctly, put in a fresh insulin cartridge,
got it set up, and switched pumps. I bolused 1 unit 
(which in the morning usually drops me about 40 points), 
checked for ketones (not a trace), drank some water, 
and went for a 30-minute walk. When I got back, my bg 
was 86. I ate breakfast, slightly underbolusing, since 
I figured that my bg was dropping. An hour or so after 
breakfast, my bg is 80. 

I'm stumped. The original high was annoying, but that
kind of thing has happened to me before. But I don't 
understand why my bg would not come down last night, 
despite repeated bolusing, and yet came down easily 
this morning. It's obviously not the site. I wonder
if there really is something wrong with Pollux. After
I disconnected, I checked to make sure that the insulin
was flowing -- which it is, though of course there's no
way to tell by looking whether it's dispensing the right
amount of insulin.

Oh, and I also checked my meter with testing solution.

I guess I should call Disetronic, but I'm just won-
dering if anyone here has any ideas, first. (Could
it be a problem with the piston rod? Last time I 
ordered supplies from Disetronic, the customer rep
mentioned that the piston rods need to be replaced
every 3-6 months, which was the first I'd ever heard
of it.)

So, fellow pumpers, any thoughts?

/Janet Lafler (and Castor & Pollux)

P.S. This is not my idea of a great way to start the
weekend. Sigh.
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